After the incident of 1st paush 2017 BS, king mahendra formed a council of ministers under his chairmanship. On 22nd paush 2017 BS, he declared the panchayat system. He formed the panchayat minister. Under this ministry, panchayat direction department and panchayat development department were established to strengthen the panchayat system. The country was divided into 14 zones and 75 districts. To legalize the partyless panchayat system, he proclaimed the constitution of Nepal 2019 on 1st paush 2019 BS.

Janakpur Incident : In 2018 BS, Durgananda jha threw a bomb at the vehicle in which king mahendra was travelling. This incident is called the Janakpur incident. For the involvement in this incident, durgananda jha, arbinda kumar thakur and dalsingh Thapa were announced the capital punishment. On 25th magh 2020 BS, durgananda jha was executed whereas remaining two were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The first amendment of the constitution of 2019 as made in 2023 BS. A new programme was implemented by king mahendra called "back to village national campaign" in 2024 BS. King mahendra died in 2028 BS.

Jhapa Revolt : some youth who were motivated by the communist ideology revolted against the government in jhapa in 2028 BS. This incident is called jhapa revolt.

Sukhani Assasination : Ramnath dahal, Narayan Shrestha, Krishna kuinkel, netra prashad Ghimire and biren rajbansi were arrested for their involvement in their revolt and all of them were shot dead by the than government in the place called sukhani, illam in 2029 BS. This incident is called sukhani assassination. They were arrested on the charge of the murder of dharma prashad upadhyaya, the then member of national panchayat (parliament of panchayat system).

A fire broke out in singha durbar in 2030 BS and many important documents got destroyed. Kirtinidhi bista was the prime minister of Nepal at that time.

Timburbote Incident : The panchayat government killed ramlaxman, capt. Yagya bahadur Thapa and bhimnarayan Shrestha in okhaldhunga in 2031 BS. This incident is called timburbote incident. On 26th mangsir 2032 BS, the constitution of Nepal 2019 was amended for the second time and a new slogan was brought called "politics for development". This amendment made 'back to village national campaign' as the constitutional organ

To continue the panchayat system, many people were killed by the then government. Ratna kumar bantawa was shot dead in the bank of deumai river of illam on 27 chaitra 2035 BS. Similarly, rishiraj devkota (ajaad), and jay govinda shah were also killed by the panchayat government. New policies and strategies were adopted to sustain the panchayat system and to suppress the voice of the people. But the democrats the government and running political activities from india and border areas.


Referendum is a democratic way o taking public opinion in which every adult citizen of a country is asked a straight forward question or has to choose between two alternatives about any important national issue.

Cause of referendum :

On April 1979 AD, students organized a huge procession against the death sentence to former prime minister of Pakistan zulfikar ali Bhutto and tried to deliver the letter of condemnation to the embassy of Pakistan in Kathmandu. But the police stopped them on the way and lathi charged them. Many students were injured. After this incident, student organizations started united movement against the panchayat system. Initially their demands were related to education but the government did not pay attention. Later on, movement was continued against the political system and political parties also joined them. Huge demonstrations were organized throughtout the country. The panchayat ruler tried to suppress it but agitation increased day by day. So, on 10th jestha 2036 BS, king Birendra declared the referendum. In the referendum of 2036 BS, people were asked to choose between two options. They are : 

a) Reformed Panchayat system, and 

b) Multiparty democratic system.

On the chairmanshipof bhagvati prashad singh, the then chief justice, a fifteen member member national election commission was formed to hold the referendum. The poll for the referendum was held on 20th baishek 2037 BS. 24 lakhs people voted in favour of panchayat system and 20 lakhs people voted in favour of multiparty system. Victory of partyless panchayat system was declared and Nepalese people had to wait ten years more to get their rigts until the people's movement of 2046 BS.

Major Historical events from 2017 to 2036 BS

  • On 22nd paush, 2017  Declaration of panchayat system.
  • 1st falgun, 2019          Promulgation of the constitution of Nepal – 2019 BS
  • 2018                           Janakpur incident
  • 25th magh, 2020   Durgananda jha, arbinda thakur and dalsingh Thapa were declared capital punishment for their involvement in Janakpur incident.
  • 2023                           First amendment of the constitution of Nepal -2019 BS
  • 2028                           Jhapa revolt
  • 2029                           Sukhani Assassination.
  • 2029                           Division of Nepal into four development
  • 2030                           Fire took place in the singha durbar
  • 2031                           Timburbote incident
  • 26th mangsir, 2032     second amendment of the constitution of Nepal – 2019 BS
  • 10th jestha, 2036        Declaration of referendum by king birendra
  • 20th baisakh, 2037     Poll of the referendum held.

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