Every human being wants to live a quality life. For this, development of a country is essential. Development means a process of progressive and positive change. Means and resources are the basic factors needed for the development of any country. They are two types of resources needed for development. They are:

a)   Natural resources: like hills and mountains, rivers, forests, minerals, etc.

b)  Human resources and means: like skilled human power, training, technology,etc.

as natural resources can be used well by skilled human power, the most important resources for development are human resources. They are the ones who utilize the means and resources of a country, and use their creativity and potentiality to bring development in the country. So, skilled human resources is very important for rapid economic development.

The people who are expert in doing certain task efficiently and contribute to the development of a country are called the skilled human resources. Doctor, engineer, pilot, mechanic, etc are some of the examples of skilled human resources.

There will be sustainable development if all Nepalese exhibit their potentiality, labour and dedication. Here is a case study to prove how one can change their life by exhibiting their potentiality, labour and dedication.

A Case Study

For eg: Ram bahadur and his family live in okhaldhunga. They have to depend on their small land. But its production is not sufficient for survival to them. His wife started to attend literacy classes. Now she can treat sick animals. She can tell about animal diseases and their preventive measures. She sells medicines in the village. The income she earns from selling medicines helps her in large extent to look after her family. She is educating her children in school. The incomes of the villagers are increasing due to the improvement in animal health. The villagers buy and sell their animals in market fair that takes place in the village.

Thus, the most important means of development depends upon human resources who are creative, thoughtful, skillful and laborious. In order to produce such quality human power, there is a ned of quality education and training. The types of education and training depends upon the type of work they prefer to do. For examples, to be a health worker one needs to have the knowledge of science and mathematics. The knowledge of English will be an extra advantage to learn computer.


The development of human resources and means promotes physical development. Basic infrastructures of development include public health, nutrition, education, and drinking water. The rate of development will be faster if more skilled human resource is produced in the country. The following steps should be taken to produce the skilled human resource:

  • Quality education should be provided to everyone.
  • Proper training opportunities should be given to the people according to their interest.
  • Education system should be more practical.
  • Technical education should be given top priority.
  • There should the access of schools and colleges in the rural areas.
  • More technical institutions should be established.

There are sufficient means and resources available for the development of Nepal. We have many rivers from which we can generate plenty of electricity and irrigate our agricultural land. Nepal is a country full of natural beauty such as Himalayas, fast flowing rivers, beautiful valleys, lakes, etc which can help to develop tourism. Similarly, we have plenty of fertile land which can produce lots of food and cash crops. Nepal is also rich in medicinal herbs from which various medicines can be produced. But we are not able to utilize them properly due to lack of sufficient skilled human resource, effective policy of government and political instability; that's why our country is lagging behind.

The latest survey of human development shows that poverty is decreasing day by day in Nepal. The reasons for decreasing poverty are as follows:

  • Many people from remote areas are going to overseas for foreign employment and they are sending lots of remittance.
  • Service sectors are developing in private sectors such as private schools, colleges, banks, etc which are providing job opportunities to the people.
  • Different donor countries and agencies has been running poverty eradicating projects in rural areas.
  • Literacy rate and skilled human resources are increasing day by day and they are self-employed or getting jobs in various sectors. At the same time dependency on agriculture is decreasing.

It is the fact that development of a country is not possible without skilled human resource. But skilled human resources produced in our country are leaving for foreign countries because of the following reasons:

  • There are not sufficient employment opportunity for skilled human resource and those who are having job not satisfied due to less salary.
  • Political instability and government having no clear vision to utilize the existing skilled human resource.
  • Lack of practical and job oriented education system.
  • Attraction on the development of foreign countries and attractive salary.
  • Lack of strong feeling of nationality.

Although Nepal is receiving huge amount of foreign currencies from foreign employment but it is not good to flow the skilled human resource continuously to the foreign countries in the long run. We must utilize them for the development of our own country. For this, the following measures should be taken:

  • More industries should be established throughout the country. For this, government should make encouraging policy.
  • There should be provision of providing loan in easy process and in low interest rates.
  • There should be stable government having clear vision to utilize the existing skilled human resource.
  • Strong feeling of nationality should be spread in the country.       

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