The Unique Peculiarities Considers English as an International Language

The Unique Peculiarities Considers English as an International Language

The Unique Peculiarities Considers English as an International Language

There are several languages in the world among them the English is considered an international language and it is almost spoken and spread all over the universe. It has a wide range.

If we go thoroughly having a look at the peculiarities of the language English then we must be astonished in its differences In the same manner.

Letter and Alphabets
Ihc language English has two types of letters: Capital Letter and Small Letter. And the vowels are included in the same alphabets A to Z. This is a kind of peculiarity of the language.

The credit of the peculiarity for the language English especially goes to pronunciation. The word 'go' is pronounced as 'go' but the same type of word 'do' not pronounced as 'do' whereas its pronunciation turns to 'do'. The words 'cut' and 'but' pronounced in the same way but the same type of word 'put' is pronounce different way as 'put'.

The letter 'C' is pronounced in two different ways 'Sa' and 'Ka' e.g. circus = (Sarkas) and Car = (Kar), the word 'g' sometimes as 'ga' and sometimes as 'Ja' e.g. Isolated: (Isolated) and is = (ii) and combination of two letters 'C' an 'H' i.e. (Ch) is pronounced as 'Cha' 'Ka' and 'Sa' in three ways e.g. Chair = Chair (Ch), Chemical = Chemical (Ka) and Machine = Machine (Sa). In this manner, we find the there is not hard and fast rule for a word, a combination of such letters to pronounce exactly.

On the other hand, some like 'Walk' "Talk' etc, are pronounced as 'wak' 'tak' omitting the pronunciation of the letter 'L'. In the words 'Psychology' and 'Gnashing' we omit the first letter of both words 'P' and 'G' for the exact pronunciation of the word.

If there is a slight difference in spelling the word, whereas the pronunciation is in the same manner words reveal vastly different meanings. e.g. Altar, Alter, Former means 'offering' and letter one's meaning is 'to change', etc.

Tne language English has quite different rules for making its antonyms, as not such rules are founds in the other languages. There are various rules, viz regular = Irregular (adding 'IR'), load=unload (adding 'UN'), mature=immature (adding '1M'), correct = incorrect (adding 'IN'), like =Dislike (adding 'DIS'), mercy = merciless (adding 'LESS), day = night (quite different word), etc.

A word that consists of more letters may be written in a short form. For example, if we are to write the word 'equation' we may write as an equation, for the word plural=Pl, etcetera =, etc.

A word reveals maximum different meanings as for example the word 'part' means = 'Portion', Share', word of an actor and actress, regions, intellectual gift, to divide, etc. And the use of the word 'Part' with other words also reveal different meanings: e.g. for my part allotted to me), In parts = (in portions), to have a part in = (to be connected with), to part the hair (to separated hair of the head with comb), to part with = (to surrender), to depart = (to give up), to take part in = (to assist), etc.

The language English has different rules for making the plural form of the words. As the plural form of the word 'box' is 'boxes' but the same type word 'ox' has its plural form 'Oxen' not 'oxen'. If we say 'mice' it is the plural form of the word 'mouse' but we can't say 'nice' for the plural form of the word 'house' as it turns as 'houses', 'fans' is the plural form of 'fan' but the same type word 'man' has its plural form 'man' not mans'.

Rich in Words
The language English is so rich among the other languages of the world. There several words for even a single meaning viz, live=stay, inhabit, dwell, put on, reside, abide; servant = serf, slave; Beach = Bank, shore, etc.

A Word may be used as a verb, noun, and adjective in even a single sentence, e.g. she has blue eyes. She eyed the movie. The Word eye is used as a noun in the former sentence and a verb in the latter one.

At last, having a serious ponder on judging the merits and demerits along with the peculiarities of the language English with the other different languages of the word, then we must find ourselves compelled to admit that it has the right rationality on the part of language English to be considered as an international language.

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